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Handling all types of collection matters.

When you work with the law offices of Barry A. Springer, P.C., you get much more than the cookie-cutter judgment collection services that some firms offer. Since 1978, firm founder and principal attorney Barry Springer has been a trusted adviser, counselor, and team member for corporate and individual clients. He keeps one goal in mind: To use his extensive knowledge and experience to obtain the payments you are owed and to protect your hard-earned accounts receivable assets.

Barry A. Springer, P.C., offers Illinois Debt Collection for all types of businesses, commercial enterprises, and individuals. By selecting a lawyer with thorough knowledge of Illinois' collection laws and techniques, you can vastly increase your chances of a successful collection and limit your own liability. Mr. Springer represents creditors and lendors in a wide variety of personal and commercial collection matters, including:

Mr. Springer negotiates and aggressively litigates business and contract disputes as well as any other agreement which has resulted in an unpaid obligation. Through seasoned advice and prudent guidance, he has saved many clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

Mr. Springer's reputation is, in part, based on making the extra effort to avoid protracted, escalated litigation, exercising restraint, and upfront, honest counseling of clients to consider the good, the bad, and the ugly of a given course of legal action. His clients can rest assured that he will give them an honest evaluation of their legal matter.

Barry A. Springer, P.C., is committed to providing all clients with efficient, effective, and expert legal services. Mr. Springer closely monitors current legal changes in the collection law industry, maintains the highest standards of professionalism, and strictly adheres to the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), State Laws, and Court Rules and Regulations.

Serving Local & Global Clients

Whether located in Chicago or Tel Aviv, Mr. Springer works with out-of-state and international corporations and individuals that require an Illinois collection attorney for judgment enforcement against an Illinois business or resident.

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Barry A. Springer, P.C.'s clients reflect a diverse business world: corporations, insurance companies, medical offices, leasing companies, construction contractors and subcontractors, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, partnerships, small service companies, law firms, accounting firms, advertising agencies, website developers, and commercial collection agencies.

In addition to establishing mechanic's liens and obtaining and collecting unpaid money judgments, we have secured millions of dollars in breach of contract judgments against many debtors, including these recent results:

  • $1.6 million Breach of Contract Judgment
  • $180,000 judgment for a Major Illinois Real Estate Landlord
  • $111,000 judgment for a National Transportation Company
  • $139,000 judgment for a National Transportation Company
  • $122,000 Breach of Contract Judgment