Chicago Collection, Business, Eminent Domain Attorney—

With more than 35 years of experience, Chicago area attorney Barry Springer's successful track record includes guiding and representing clients in collections, commercial and industrial real estate transactions, business law, general litigation, and estate planning and probate matters—as well as in the complex eminent domain process that is commonly known as condemnation law.

The Law Office of Barry A. Springer, P.C. serves Chicago and Illinois clients as well as national and international clients with legal concerns in Illinois. Mr Springer offers a range of legal services for individuals, small businesses, multinational corporations, and public institutions:

Debt and Judgment Collections
Business Services
Eminent Domain (Condemnation)
Commercial Real Estate Law
Probate & Estate Planning

Mr. Springer's reputation is, in part, based on making the extra effort to avoid protracted, escalated litigation, exercising restraint, and upfront, honest counseling of clients to consider the good, the bad, and the ugly of a given course of legal action. His clients can rest assured that he will give them an honest evaluation of their legal matter.

Dedicated to Client Services

Mr. Springer is committed to providing all clients with efficient, effective, and expert legal services and maintains the highest standards of professionalism. He understands that each case is different and listens carefully to client situations to meet their unique legal needs. No matter is ever handled by a paralegal or an associate. From the initial consultation through resolution, every legal issue receives Mr. Springer's full attention. He emphasizes clear client communication and is committed to helping his clients understand their options throughout the course of their matter.

Mr. Springer is available by appointment at your office or at his Skokie location. Call (847) 673-9470 to schedule a consultation.

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